P&O Maritime Logistics tests river-sea line between Turkey and Central Asia

2021/05/21 at 12:23 PM

P&O Maritime Logistics, a subsidiary of DP World, successfully tested a new multimodal route for delivering containers and breakbulk from Turkey to Central Asia. It includes two legs – maritime via the Black Sea and river via the Volga-Don Canal. The logistics company intends to launch regular shipments on the new line.

Besides the container train services via the Baku – Tbilisi – Kars railway, Turkey will soon receive another corridor to Central Asia. It is the river-sea route that connects the Marmara region with its numerous maritime terminals around Istanbul and the Caspian Sea. The new multimodal line runs via the Black Sea and Russia’s inland waterways including the Volga-Don Canal.

P&O Maritime Logistics performed the trial delivery on the route from DP World Yarimca terminal, one of the largest container facilities in Turkey with a capacity of 1.3 million TEU and a close location to Istanbul, to the Caspian ports of Aktau (Kazakhstan) and Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) in late April.

MCV Topaz Ob vessel, source: P&O Maritime Logistics

Regular shipments

In the coming months, the company intends to use the new shipping route, which was called the Turkey – Caspian line, for the regular door-to-door transport of the containers, breakbulk and other types of freight. “The new Turkey – Caspian line between Turkey and the Caspian Sea makes the movement of goods more streamlined and less costly. With our knowledge of the trade networks between these countries, we are aiming to support our customers to be more competitive in these markets,” said Kris Adams, CEO of DP World Yarımca.

The new line will be served by at least two Multi Carrying Vessels (MCV) of P&O Maritime Logistics, which will mainly transport containerised products such as industrial machines, construction materials, textiles, cosmetics, white goods, and marble, while additionally offering a convenient service for breakbulk & project cargo. This type is ideally suited to navigate the Russian rivers and the Volga-Don Canal.

Big potential

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, trade between Turkey, Russia and Central Asia amounted to 31.2 billion dollars. This figure could increase due to the new transport solution. “There is immense potential for increasing the efficiency of trade between Turkey, Russia and Central Asia. P&O Maritime Logistics was selected because of the ability to carry both breakbulk and container cargo, which fits with the type of goods that move on this route,” added Martin Helweg, CEO of P&O Maritime Logistics.

Moreover, the Turkey – Caspian line provides speed and cost advantages, while also reducing carbon emissions by 17 per cent compared to road-based transportation. Efficient door to door delivery will be offered through select third-party logistics partnerships for onward carriage into the landlocked areas of Central Asia – providing customers with a streamlined, hassle-free service.

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