Finland delivers containers to Vietnam and Singapore via Trans-Siberian Railway

2021/05/20 at 9:58 AM

Nurminen Logistics, the Finnish freight forwarder and terminal operator, has opened a new opportunity for the customers. Instead of using deep sea shipping lines to deliver containers to Vietnam and Singapore, it started to transport freight via the Trans-Siberian Railway. The services were arranged within the Japan – Europe multimodal route.

Container train of Nurminen Logistics departs towards Asia, source: Nurminen Logistics

In mid-April, Nurminen Logistics launched the first shipment of containers from Finland to Japan via the Trans-Siberian railway. A month later, on 17 May, the Finnish company shipped the second batch of boxes to Asia. Due to huge demand, they will be transported this time not only to Japan but also to Vietnam and Singapore. The third container shipment via the Trans-Siberian Railway is scheduled for 5 June. “It’s great that we have received a lot of demand for the new route, and Trans-Siberian route comes stable connection. We can also offer westbound trains from Japan and the rest of the Far East to Finland and Northern Europe,” said Marjut Linnajärvi, sales director at Nurminen Logistics.

Trains to China

Nurminen Logistics has been organising rail freight deliveries since 2018. In late March of the current year, the Finnish company intensified its activities in the Chinese market by launching the full train services from Helsinki to Tianjin (via Jinan) and Jiazhou. Container trains have a great advantage compared to deep sea shipping. They provide a transit time of only 12-14 days instead of a month or even more. In June Nurminen Logistics will organise four westbound services (two from Jinan and two from Chongqing) and six eastbound trains (three to Jiazhou and three to Chongqing).

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