Freight aircraft of CMA CGM lands in Asia

2021/05/19 at 9:11 AM

After establishing reliable air freight connections between Europe and North America, CMA CGM has landed in Asia. The French company started to fly to Dubai International Airport. Two more Asian destinations will be soon added to the CMA CGM Air Cargo’s network.

French shipping line CMA CGM is continuing to move further in developing its aviation business, which was launched two months ago. During this period the company has succeeded in establishing regular and reliable air freight connections between its hub, Liège Airport, and three destinations in North America: Chicago, New York and Atlanta. Starting from Wednesday, 19 May, CMA CGM Air Cargo, the company’s air freight division, has started to fly to Asia.

CMA CGM has launched its flights to Asia, source: CMA CGM

Ideal hub

Dubai International Airport has become the first Asian destination in the company’s network. CMA CGM Air Cargo will fly to this point twice a week. “Dubai is a hub ideally located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, and it possesses all the latest infrastructure for handling goods requiring short transit times rapidly and reliably. With its services to Dubai, the CMA CGM Group can also provide a combined Sea-Air offer comprising shipping, logistics and air freight,” the French shipping line stated.

Further plans

In the near future, CMA CGM Air Cargo will add two more Asian destinations to its network, Beirut and Istanbul. They will be connected with Liège Airport via a combined flight. The company’s freighter will depart from Liège towards Beirut, where it will make a stop, and will then fly up to Istanbul. From the Turkish airport, there will be a direct flight to Liège. Such a roundtrip will be also performed twice a week. CMA CGM notes that there will no transport of goods from Beirut to Istanbul. It is worth adding that ECS Group, the world leader in commercial air freight services, will be in charge of selling capacity on CMA CGM Air Cargo’s services to all its destinations.

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