Combined transport from Cargobeamer to link four major intermodal hubs in Europe

2021/05/18 at 5:50 PM

German logistics provider Cargobeamer will inaugurate two new combined transport services in June. They will be devoted to delivering mainly semi-trailers and containers between four European major intermodal hubs. As a result, the company’s network will increase to three connections. The fourth route will be launched in autumn.

As of today, Cargobeamer offers to the customers only one link for combined transport. It is the three-country connection between the German hub of Kaldenkirchen and the Italian terminal of Domodossola. Starting from June, the number of the company’s services will triple by adding one connection in France (from Calais to Perpignan) and one cross-border link between Germany and Poland (from Duisburg to Poznań).

Cargobeamer will launch two intermodal links to deliver semi-trailers and containers, source: Cargobeamer

“The new lines between Duisburg and Poznań as well as Calais and Perpignan will serve as an important step towards our vision of a European network of intermodal Cargobeamer trains, a goal we are constantly working on to achieve,” said Nicolas Albrecht, chief business development officer at Cargobeamer. Moreover, the third new link between Calais and Domodossola will be added by the company in autumn.

Two-country link

Cargobeamer scheduled the start of its expansion for the beginning of June (week 22). In a partnership with the Duisport Group, the company will launch the Duisburg – Poznań intermodal connection that will become the second one in its network after the Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola service running from Germany to Italy via Switzerland.

By using the new link, the customers will be able to transport semi-trailers, P400-trailers, containers, bulk and frigo trailers as well as of dangerous goods between the important intermodal hubs in Germany and Poland. The combined transport will run three times per week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays from Duisburg and on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from Poznań. The transit time between the termini will be around 20 hours.

Between two seas

Another Cargobeamer’s new service will connect different parts of France. It will run from Calais, the significant ferry port in the English Channel, to Perpignan, the logistics hub in southeastern France, close to the Mediterranean Sea and the border with Spain. “With our link from Calais to Perpignan we are able to lay the formation for domestic French transports from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea and the Iberian Peninsula,” noted Nicolas Albrecht.

The French connection will be launched on 14 June with two roundtrips per week. By 5 July, the frequency of the trains will be gradually increased to four weekly connections excluding Mondays (for northbound services), Tuesdays (for southbound services) and Sundays (for both directions). As for the transit time, the trains will cross France in 24 hours. This service will enhance connectivity between the British Isles and Southern Europe.

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