Artificial intelligence to assist Port of Gothenburg in mooring vessels

2021/05/13 at 11:49 AM

Port of Gothenburg, the largest harbour in Scandinavia, intends to apply artificial intelligence for mooring vessels. The dedicated digital solution will be implemented by the year’s end. With its help, the port authority plans to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

MSC container ship at the Port of Gothenburg, source: Gothenburg Port Authority

After the summer, the Port of Gothenburg will implement Berth Planner, a specialised digital solution to coordinate port calls, facilitate mooring operations and improve the interaction between all port actors. It was jointly by the Gothenburg Port Authority and the Finnish company Awake.AI. “We are working on several fronts to digitalise the port, not only to make calls more efficient but also to visualise freight flows. Berth Planner is just one of a series of investments that we are making to propel the Port of Gothenburg into the future”, said Martin Johannesson, IT Manager at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

Greater accuracy and predictability

The Berth Planner solution provides the various parties involved in port calls with rapid and accurate information. As a result, the port authority will be able to better plan these operations and predict the next moves of the vessels. “Using the map service, we can choose from a list of time slots for each berth. This allows us to see which vessel is due to moor at a particular berth at a particular time. The positioned vessels at berths that have GPS bollards can be seen on the map”, noted Fredrik Rauer, traffic coordinator at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

Moreover, the solution will allow the port authority to avoid traffic congestions when mooring. “There could be two or three vessels that overlap. From an external point of view, there would appear to be a risk of conflicting arrival and departure times. With Berth Planner we can allocate a status that has already been coordinated with the terminal and by doing so we can see those vessels that have been confirmed and those that are pending. Berth planner enables faster turnaround times and expands the value in our service offering to the port cluster. With more advanced call scheduling, we anticipate time savings and improved efficiency, not only for our operating personnel but also for the shipping companies,” added Fredrik Rauer.

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