Lineas steps up last mile delivery in Port of Rotterdam

2021/05/03 at 9:22 AM

Despite its focus on operations to or from the Port of Antwerp, Lineas is stepping up in the competitive harbour. To this end, the Belgian rail freight operator purchased Independent Rail Partner (IRP), a Dutch company that provides last mile delivery and shunting in the Port of Rotterdam and its vicinity.

Vossloh G2000 BB locomotive of Independent Rail Partner shunts in the Port of Rotterdam area, source: Independent Rail Partner (IRP)
Vossloh G2000 BB locomotive of Independent Rail Partner shunts in the Port of Rotterdam area, source: Independent Rail Partner (IRP)

Lineas, one of the largest private rail freight operator in Europe, is moving further towards its strategic goal to become build a true European rail freight backbone that drives the modal shift. Two years ago the Belgian company strengthened its presence in Germany by hiring more train drivers there. Now it’s the turn of the Dutch market.

On Friday, 30 April, Lineas announced the purchase of Independent Rail Partner (IRP), the Dutch operator that ensures shunting and last mile operations in the Port of Rotterdam and its surroundings as well offers fleet lease services. Both operators have been working together as partners for many years. After the purchase, this cooperation will be intensified by integrating their services. “The combination of IRP’s strong local expertise with Lineas’ European network will provide customers with a fast, easy, reliable and full end-to-end solution between the Western ports and the whole of Europe,” Lineas explained its decision to acquire the Dutch company.

Green Xpress Network

In 2014 B Logistics (as Lineas was then known) launched a new product for the customers, which was called the Green Xpress Network. The company started to combine different types of freight into fast and reliable trains. “With our Green Xpress Network, we have built a unique solution that really hits the mark. It’s never been easier to shift to rail,” said Geert Pauwels, CEO of Lineas.

As of today, this network connects 23 destinations throughout Europe including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czechia, Slovakia and Poland. In late 2020, Lineas integrated Austria into its Green Xpress Network. A few months later, it significantly increased the number of trains running between Belgium and Poland. This development was implemented in a partnership with PCC Intermodal.

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